Articles under review

16. Mercedes-Martín, R., Rogerson, M. R., Brasier, A. T., Reijmer, J.J.G., and Pedley, H. M. Towards a morphology diagram for terrestrial carbonates: evaluating the impact of carbonate supersaturation and alginic acid in calcite precipitate morphology.

Peer-reviewed articles


1. Mercedes-Martín, R. (2005). Ammonites e inocerámidos del Santoniense-Campaniense del Barranco de la Podega (Cuenca de Tremp, Pirineos surcentrales): estudio paleontológico y biostratigráfico. MSc Project. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. 185 pp.

Abstracts, including conference submissions


22. Van der Land, C., Cowan, K., Sherry, A., Bastianini, L., Gray, N., Rogeson, M., Mercedes-Martín, R., Prior, T., Cesar, E., Mayes, W. (2020). Microbial control on Anthropocene carbonates in slag drainage waters. Abstracts, EGU General Assembly, Viena, Austria.


21. Bastianini,L. Rogerson, M., Mercedes-Martín, R.  Prior, T., J., Mayes, W. What causes carbonates to form “shrubby” morphologies? An analog case study from hyperalkaline leachates. Abstracts, IAS Meeting on Sedimentology, Rome, Italy.

20. Mercedes-Martín, R., Ayora, C., Tritlla, J., Sánchez-Román, M. (2019c). Factors controlling mineral paragenesis and cyclothems development in the Cretaceous Presalt alkaline lakes. Abstracts, IAS Meeting on Sedimentology, Rome, Italy.

19. Mercedes-Martín, R., Ayora, C., Tritlla, J., Sánchez-Román, M. (2019b). The hydrochemical evolution of alkaline volcanic lakes: a model to understand cyclothems evolution and mineral paragenesis in the South Atlantic Presalt lakes. 16th Bathurst Meeting of Carbonate Sedimentologists, Mallorca, Spain.

18. Bastianini, L., Rogerson. M., Mercedes-Martín, R., Prior, T., J., Mayes, W. (2019a). What causes carbonates to form “shrubby” morphologies? An analog case study from hyperalkaline leachates. 57thBritish Sedimentological Research Group. Annual General Meeting. London.


17. Mercedes-Martín, R., Ayora, C., Tritlla, J., Sánchez-Román, M. (2018a). Disentangling the origin of the carbonate-clay-silica paragenesis in the Aptian ‘Pre-salt’ alkaline lakes: insights from hydrogeochemical modelling. 20th International Sedimentological Congress (ISC), Québec, Canada.

16. Mercedes-Martín, R. (2018b). The non-skeletal carbonates of the Cretaceous ‘Pre-salt’ lakes: when sedimentology meets crystal engineering. Keynote talk20th International Sedimentological Congress (ISC), Québec, Canada.

15. García-Ávila, M., Mercedes-Martín, R., Juncal, M., Diez, J. B. (2018c). New palynomorph data from the Middle Triassic carbonate platforms of eastern Iberia (Catalan Basin, NE Spain). Le 2ème Congrès International sur le Permien et le Trias. Casablanca, Morocco.

14. Sánchez-Román, M., Mercedes-Martín, R. Aerts, J., Van Spanning, R., Rogerson, M., Brasier, A., Reijmer, J. (2018d). Lake Clifton thrombolites: new insights from textural and metagenomic analyses. Frontiers of Microbiology. New Frontiers in Astrobiology: Life vs. Abiotic Detection from Microscopic to Infinity.


13. Mercedes-Martín, R, Rogerson, M., Brasier, A., and Pedley, M. (2017a). Abiotic vs biotic-influenced carbonate nucleation: towards identifying their unique textural signatures. Lyell Meeting 2017: Sticking together: microbes and their role in forming sediments, London, United Kingdom.

12. Brasier, A., Wacey, D., Mercedes-Martín, R., Reijmer, J., Rogerson, M., Hardistry, L., Capezzuoli, E. (2017b). The fabric of continental carbonates: what have the microbes ever done for us? Abstracts, IAS Meeting on Sedimentology, Toulouse, France.


11. Mercedes-Martín, R, Rogerson, M., Brasier, A., and Pedley, M. (2016a). A new depositional model of spherulitic carbonate settings: insights from a Carboniferous hyper-alkaline, volcanic-influenced lake. AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition, Calgary, Canada.

10. Mercedes-Martín, R, Rogerson, M., Brasier, A., Vonhof, H., Prior, T., Fellows, S., and Pedley, M. (2016b). A mass-transfer model explaining the origin of Ca and Si in the ‘Pre-Salt’ South Atlantic lacustrine systems. Abstracts, IAS Meeting on Sedimentology, Marrakech, Morocco.


9. Mercedes-Martín, R, Rogerson, M., Brasier, A., and Pedley, M. (2015a). Sediment-water interface calcium carbonate spherulites growing in organic-rich muddy substrates: fact or fiction? Abstracts Bathurst Conference, Edinburgh, Scotland.

8. Mercedes-Martín, R, Rogerson, M., Brasier, A., McGill, R., and Pedley, M. (2015b). Calcium carbonate spherulites or just botryoidal growth?: insights from a sublacustrine and alkaline carbonate setting. Abstracts, 31st IAS Meeting of Sedimentology, Krakow, Poland.

7. Mercedes-Martín, R, Rogerson, M., Brasier, A., Pedley, M., Vonhof, H., and Reijmer, J. (2015c). Constraining the link between spherulite growth and silicate minerals: insights from the reappraisal of East Kirkton Limestone (Lower Carboniferous, Scotland). EGU Copernicus Meetings, Viena, Austria.

6. Rogerson, M., Mercedes-Martín, R., Brasier, A., Pedley, H. M., Vonhof, H. B., and Reijmer, J. (2015d). Do biofilms and clays alter the chemistry and fabric of a hyper-alkaline, saline, non-marine carbonate precipitate? EGU Copernicus Meetings, Viena, Austria.


5. Mercedes-Martín, R., Salas, R and Arenas, C. (2013). Microbial-dominated carbonate platforms during the Ladinian rifting: analogical models for microbialite reservoirs (Catalan Basin, NE Spain). AAPG European Regional Conference, Barcelona, Spain.


4. Mercedes-Martín, R., Arenas, C., and Esteban, M. (2011). Ladinian carbonate sedimentation during Triassic rifting: sequence stratigraphy and evolution of accommodation in a fault-controlled setting (Catalan Coastal Ranges, Spain). Abstracts28th IAS Meeting of Sedimentology, Zaragoza, Spain.


3. Mercedes-Martín, R. (2005). El límite Coniaciense-Santoniense en un sector del Prepirineo de Lérida: resultados preliminares en la Biostratigrafía de macroinvertebrados. (Eds: G. Meléndez et. al). Seminarios de Paleontología de la Universidad de Zaragoza (SEPAZ). Miscelánea Paleontológica. 


2. Mercedes-Martín, R., Caus. E. and Boix, C (2003). Estudio micropaleontológico y biostratigráfico de los sedimentos cretácicos de la Hoja 292 (Sant Llorenç de Morunys, provincia de Barcelona). Publications of the Catalan Geological Survey (SGC).


1. Gallemí, J., López, G., Martínez, R., Mercedes-Martín, R., and Pons, J.M. (2002). Coniacian/Santonian Boundary in Riu de Carreu Valley and Prats de Carreu, South-Central Pyrenees (N Spain). Meeting on the Coniacian- Santonian Boundary (Bilbao, Spain). Subcommision on Cretaceous Stratigraphy & Instituto Geológico y Minero de España (IGME).

Ramon Mercedes-Martín