Compo1 Clifton Thrombolite Mound Lake Hiposaline Stevensite Clay Aragonite Clotted Micrite Nearshore Lacustrine Oil Model Head Calcite Gastropod Porosity
Left: Lake Clifton foreshore to shoreface transition showing the presence of metre-thick trombolitic bioherms that coalesce each other in more proximal areas. Mike Rogerson as scale. Right: Detail of a fresh thrombolite head formed by a clotted texture of millimetre-thick voids filled by gastropods and microbial biofilms, aragonite-stevensite mineral patches and decaying organic matter. All the images have a CCBY attribution.
Compo7 Mono California Thrombolite Mound Lake Stevensite Clay Aragonite Encrustation Micrite Nearshore Lacustrine Palustrine Plant Flat Nucleationjpg
Left: Mono Lake is an hyperalkaline saline lake system developed in a hydrologically closed basin located in eastern Sierra Nevada, north-eastern California (USA). The nearshore zone of the lake is covered in mounded carbonate bodies that are growing upon previous organic substrates such as plants or rocky boulders. Right: Me analising flat-topped, sub-horizontal and cyclic palustrine carbonate layers onlapping lacustrine tufa chimneys and substrate encrustations in SW Boardwalk and Lee Vining areas. All the images have a CCBY attribution.
Compo2 Siliciclastic Turbidte Fluvial Ripple Sandstone Outcrop Analog Vilella Dune Climbing Herringbone Channel Coarse Sand Meander River Sedimentology
Left: Me standing with a sandstone succession displaying bottom channel-fill sedimentary structures (Vilella Baixa, Spain). Right: Ripple, dune and herringbone sedimentary structures on siliciclastic deposits. All the images have a CCBY attribution.
Left: Karst zone developed in subaerially-exposed skeletal carbonates (grey colour) showing decimetre-scale collapse and breccia fabrics. A well-developed, nodular and ferruginised hard-ground (orange colour) is filling the cavities and pipes left by the erosion. Upper Cretaceous of the Sant Corneli anticline, Tremp basin (Spain). Right: Outer platform carbonate-to-shale deposits displaying collapse features (listric faults and slumped beds), Upper Cretaceous of the Sant Corneli anticline, Tremp basin (Spain). All the images have a CCBY attribution.
Compo33 Metagenomic Analysis Genetic Microbial Sample Hot Spring Cyano Bacteria Sterile Channel Bar Coding Metabolite Composition Micro Geomicro Lab Biofilm Mat Eps Org
Me and Rene Hanssen sampling microbial mats in Paliano hot-spring system in Italy. Samples are processed for metagenomic analyses to understand the microbial diversity associated to specific mineral and fabric occurrences in travertine-forming settings. All the images have a CCBY attribution.
Compo4 Raft Hot Spring Calcite Microbial Channel Travertine Bacteria Cyano Metagenomic Tufa Green Red Aragonite Mat Biofilm Eps Organic Film
Left: Calcite rafts floating in the air-water interface of hot-spring systems in the surroundings of Mono Lake area (California). Right: Highly diverse and colourful microbial biofilms inhabit the hottest areas surrounding the thermal flows in Bullicame (Italy). Carbonate crusts are formed in association to microbial mat communities in proximal springs areas. All the images have a CCBY attribution.
Compo5 Gandin Brasier Hot Spring Travertine Microbe Eps Biofilm Bacteria Calcite Fabric Shrub Channel Sample Outcrop Oil Reservoir Lake Tufa
Left: Anna Gandin showing how carbonate microfabrics are formed in a hot-spring point (Paliano, Italy). Right: Alex Brasier checking the snorkel equipment in an hyposaline puddle around Lake Clifton (Australia). All the images have a CCBY attribution.
Compo6 Teaching Outcrop Seminar Msc Phd Gordo Turbidite Sandstone Ripple Channel Student Almeria Fieldtrip Travertine Hot Spring Raft Carbonate Calcite Paliano Tufa
Left: University of Hull's Bachelor students in Almeria (Spain). Incredible outcrop-scale geometries in turbidite geobodies made up of coarse sandstone to gravel deposits. Right: VU Amsterdam's Bachelor students taking notes in a hot-spring artificial pool forming colourful calcite raft accumulations in Paliano (Italy). All the images have a CCBY attribution.
Ramon Mercedes-Martín